Money Manager

Money Manager Program

Our Money Manager Partnership program is for expert and qualified financial traders, asset managers, and financial institutions. It enables you to stay focused on your trading strategies, while we take care of the administrative and back-office workload. You can manage your client’s funds with Prime Trade as your trading partner and our advanced Multi Account Manager (MAM). We thrive to deliver excellent services to our ever-growing client base.

  • Create MAM accounts for different strategies.
  • Get competitive pricing.
  • Enjoy streamlined management of your accounts.
  • Friendly expert advisor trading.
  • Easy funding options available.

MAM with Prime Trade Markets

Our Money Manager Partners will get the best opportunity to increase their client’s profits, while trading in multiple accounts, simultaneously. Enjoy a secure and streamlined trading environment with low spreads and fast execution.

As Prime Trade Money Manager, you can monitor the assets of clients and manage client investments cautiously, and also develop suitable investment strategy.

Money Manager Trading Tools

Get access to MT4 and other trading tools to trade on multiple accounts, from a single login, at one time, while enjoying the excellent trading conditions on all accounts.

Multiple Liquidity Providers

Adopt multi-faceted approach that addresses quality of execution, trading conditions, counterparty selection, and much more. Achieve the best execution with our diverse multi-liquidity based providers.

MAM Technology

Get access to our Multiple Account Manager program that allows you to monitor your client’s assets and to develop suitable investment strategy, which is beneficial to the client.

Simple Funding Options

We have multiple funding options available that reduces both transaction time and fees, to keep you on track and updated for your every move.

Partnerships Overview

Numerous Reason to choose

Become a Introducing broker and get lucrative compensations with client referrals.
Give your brand an identity and get affordable liquidity options, with 0.0 pips and access.
A unique Affiliate link will be accessible to give you instant reporting on all your clients Performance

Facilitate Success

Trade with high-tech products like MT4 and become a successful Money Manager.

  • Multiple trading tools
  • Trade with MT4
  • Manage multiple accounts

Market Strategies

Focus more on your market strategies with our MAM program

  • 24×5 online reporting
  • Focused on client’s success
  • Multi-faceted approach

Regulated Funds

We follow strict compliance for AML/MLTPA and All funds deposited in AA banks.

  • AML/MLTPA compliance
  • All funds are in AA Banks
  • Registered with –