Economic Calendar

Economic Calendar

Get your trading skills upgraded with an economic calendar. Sample events over the desired period of time and filter them by the importance or country. This calendar is used by traders from all over India to track the occurrence of market-moving events. Investors can research the time and date of a specific event, and pay close attention to the announcement, to increase their probability of making a profitable investment.

This calendar shows the important economic events, based on values like interest rates of central banks, national financial indicators, price indices, and much more. As a Forex trader, you can then produce the forming and changing trend in the main currency pairs and make the right move.

Tracking Economic Events

Monitor the real-time market-moving events with date and time of the specific event, and craft successful trading strategies.

Macroeconomic Indicators

Get economic reports at fixed intervals with details like GPD, Non-farm Payrolls/Employment rate, Inflation report, GNP and others.

Forex Trading

Trading with economic data has 80% impact on all Forex trades and is vital for high profitable trades.